Sisk bullet box

I got this .22 box filled with non-.22 bullets. They are of a different calibre, but are they Sisk? What makes bullets Sisk? Maybe the IAA membership secretary will chime in on this?

To put it quite simply, that they were manufactured by Mr. Sisk.
His bullets were noted as being some of the most accurate bullets of his day.

Sisk was one of the earlier private US jacketed bullet makers, beginning, I think, during WWII. He specialized mainly in making .22 bullets for precision shooters. His early production used .22 RF cases as jackets, and these can be easily identified, as the original headstamps can be seen on bullet bases. I have one partial box, like that shown, of those somewhere, along with a later box which was red in color. I think he operated until the 1960s, and at one time he also made .17 caliber bullets. I do not know if other calibers were made and I do not know what happened to the Sisk brand. I think Sisk was always pretty much a small cottage industry operation. Iowa Park TX is what could be called a suburb of Wichita Falls, which is located in north central Texas, northwest of Dallas, and close to the Red River, the border between Texas and Oklahoma. A former Mayor of Iowa Park was a friend some years ago, but I never discussed Sisk with him.

I believe one one of Ray Sisk’s relatives is still in the shooting business. Sisk Rifles in Texas. They also load custom ammunition.
Might be a source of info.

I have 30 or 40 boxes of the original Sisk bullets, both pre and post WW II. They probably were accurate for their day, but today’s bullets, even the common ones, are more accurate. The box you show is pre-war.

Vlad, the bullets you pictured are some of the U. S. patented protected point bullets of pre-WWII. See my JOURNAL article where I discussed most of them.