Site for Number headstam codes

May be helpful

Thanks for that link, I will have to go through the list. I wonder what their sources were? Is this site really the Igman ammuniton company? If so, why would they post a listing of headstamps?

If the information does indeed come from Igman, it seems strange that they would omit their own numeric code - “12”

The sources or references for the information on the this website are posted with the headstamp information after “selecting” a headstamp. Most of the sources of the information are the very people or people on this forum we have heard of such as John Moss, Lew Curtis, and Chris Punnett to name a few.

The list seems to be a verbatim of the headstamp codes on this IAA website only in a different format.


And the Yugoslav “14” code! Also, no “T” for Thun or Tula.

  • I did check the Romanian headstamp codes and the list is NOT complete. There are the same mistakes which can be found in another lists from where the wrong information was copied. Some Romanian factories codes are listes as “unknown” although those plants are already known today. Liviu 05/02/08