SK Jagd .22 LR Headstamp


I have a very ordinary brass .22 LR case which I do not know the maker of. The headstamp is a Crosshairs made of four straight lines and four curved ones.

Talking of .22 LRs, I have a bit of a problem. I have on my records that I have a Hirtenberger .22 LR with the inter-linked"HP", but can’t find it anywhere. Would anyone be able to send me a replacement? I also don’t have a Remington .22 Case stamped “Rem”. if anyone has these I would be grateful. I don’t know how I’ve lost the HP .22 LR - All of my (very small) .22 fired case headstamp collection is stored in A Winchester Super X subsonic .22 box. I don’t actively collect .22 LR headstamps, but just save any different ones I find. I currently have 15 specimens.


PM me your .22 listing and a postal address, and I’ll bet a few you need will magically appear!


I am not positive, but I think your unknown headstamp is Hungarian. It comes in both impressed and raised.


Mine is impressed, the case looks quite modern.


The ones I have seen were made in the 1960-1970 era.


The rimfire anno with this headstmp is made by
SK Jagd- und Sportmunitions GmbH
Hohendorfer Stra


Thanks, another mystery headstamp solved. I would still like to know where my HP .22 LR case went.