SK Long Range "Match" Ammo?

"SK Ammunition, manufacturers of high-quality .22 LR cartridges for nearly 190 consecutive years, announce our latest offering: “SK Long Range Match.” New for 2019, Long Range Match was developed for demanding .22 LR enthusiasts routinely acquiring targets out to 100 yards and beyond. It is purpose-built for today’s long range rimfire shooting disciplines ever-increasing in popularity, such as PRC, tactical rimfire, long range silhouette and more.

SK Ammunition Sales & Marketing Manager Joerg Melcher states, “Historically, high-quality match ammunition has been a barrier to entry for competitive target shooting. SK Long Range Match allows shooters to gain access to new competition rimfire rifle and pistol disciplines without overwhelming their pocketbooks.”

SK Long Range delivers accurate, high-quality rounds that reliably feed through your competitive target rifle. Centerfire competition shooters will also find SK Long Range Match the ideal training companion to prepare with .22 platforms similar to their big bore configuration. Whether you’re actively competing in today’s popular long range rimfire sports or connecting with LR targets from the firing line at your local club, instill the confidence you deserve with new SK Long Range Match, available in 2019."

So what are they trying to say? That this is like bargain-priced match ammo with the qualities of Eley Tenex or Lapua Midas+ but with the price of CCI Standard? As if it is in a new class of its own? My skeptical eyebrow is raised when the brand chosen to private-label Wolf brand .22lr markets something like this with such claims. They’ve bought up volumes of ad space in the magazines, blogs, and web to push this project. Strange that grain weight, velocity, bullet coating / plating status is not mentioned at all in the official press release, things that any serious shooter would want to know, but no matter to reactionary fair-weather shooters who say “how high” when the industry says “jump”.

Yea, I got nothin’…
I am guessing this is supposed to be akin to the old .22 LR ‘Long Range Match’ ammo made by Peters, (I think?), ca 1930s’, which was around 1,450 fps, made for the 300 yard matches.

I’m very much a Long Range Match shooter of .22 LR cartridges and have been for the last 11 years. SK Rifle Match has been very acceptable as a 100 & 200 yard match cartridge for several years, with some lots being better than others. They produce a standard velocity cartridge (MV about 1040 fps to 1080 fps) much the same as the other producers of middle-grade match ammo. Wolf Match Extra is very similar, perhaps identical.

The existing products work very well within their price range. There will be a flyer or two per box. It is not Tenex nor is it Midas+, but it costs only half (or less) of those.

What is SK going to do with Rifle Match to improve it as Long Range Match?

My shooting mates and I have tried most of the available types of middle-grade and higher-grade match ammo and the advertised high velocity types from the more reliable makers. The high velocity stuff may get there quicker, but if you pay attention to wind & mirage, your score will be higher with SV.

It is very much a function of what is available to you, what your individual rifle prefers (rimfire target rifles are often quite fussy) and what your shooting budget can afford.

Just for the record, I have stayed away from ALL very high velocity .22 LR ammo since about the mid-late 1970s’, when I saw how eratic it was beyond 75 yards, when I started shooting 200 yards with a BSA Martini made in the 50s’.
I was shooting Eley, and then found Federal [the one with the dimple in the base of the cartridge] Match.
Then I discovered several subsonic rounds, and developed a fondness for the Remington Subsonic HP, which shot extremely well in all of my .22 rifles, and very well in all of my .22 semi-auto pistols, including a HS match and Ruger MkII.
It was nice to have one round that I could rely on in all of my .22s!