Skandinavisk Ammunitions Kompagni

I just learnd about a company named “Skandinavisk Ammunitions Kompagni” which was establieshed in 1927 (?) as a subsidiary of “Dansk Industri Syndikat” (to most people better known as Madsen).

Is there any info on them available, catalogs etc?

To my understanding they did not make own ammo. Who’s products were they marketing then (some I can guess but want to be sure)?

Some related info is already here:

If you refer to the Otterup factory; they always were an own business.

Alex, this company was a short lived subsidiary that was established in 1928 and ceased to exist in 1931. Its full name was A/S Skandinavisk Vaaben- og Ammunitions-Kompagni and it offered the same products as the Dansk Refylriffel Syndikat, but it was controlled by a board having two Austrian directors, one of which was also the director of Steyr-Werke A.G. (formerly OEWG).



P.s: Address was Kvæsthusgade 3, København (Copenhagen).

Fede, thanks!

Ok, but what ammo was DRS offering then? The 11.35 Schuboe?

The Schouboe pistol was already obsolete, but I assume they offered any kind of ammunition made for Madsen guns that was made elsewhere. Keep in mind it was a trading company, not a manufacturer.

Small correction: proper name is
“Skandinavisk Vaaben & Ammunitionskompagni”
Subsidiary of Dansk Rekylriffelsyndikat.

Dansk Rekylriffel Syndikat dannede i 1928 et Datterselskab:
Skandinavisk Vaaben & Ammunitionskompagni, hvis Formaal
opgaves at være: “At drive Fabrikationsvirksomhed og Handel
saavel i Indland som Udland, herunder særligt at udnytte
Opfindelser paa Vaaben- og Feltudrustningsomraadet, navnlig
med Hensyn til Skydevaaben og anden dermed efter Bestyrelsens
Skøn i Forbindelse staaende Virksomhed, dels direkte, dels ved
Anbringelse af Kapital i andre Selskaber eller Foretagender.”

Dansk Rekylriffel Syndikat created in 1928 a subsidiary: Skandinavisk Vaaben & Ammunitionskompagni, purpose of which was stated as: “To do fabrication work and trade in both domestic and foreign markets, herewithin specially using new inventions in the weaponry- and field gear areas, especially with firearms and other purposes for the company’s turnaround, some direct, some by gaining capital in other companies or businesses.”

God how painful it is to read (old) Danish…


Fede, yes, this is why I had asked as for who made the ammo they were trading. Thanks for the details!

Ole, I guess as painfull as being a German and reading medieval German texts. But that has an entertaining and funny factor too.

Ole, contemporary sources show the name as:

  • A/S Skandinavisk Vaaben- og Ammunitions-Kompagni
  • A/S Skandinavisk Vaaben og Ammunitions Kompagni

Also listed in directories as:

  • Skandinavisk Ammunitions Kompagni, Akts.



Thanks Fede.
I found a digitalized 1934 book describing different companies and conglomerates, written in old Danish, where the name was “Skandinavisk Vaaben & Ammunitionskompagni”. I guess there were different spellings.

The splitting of words which should be written in one word grinds my gears and it happened frequently (and still does) in old Norwegian and Danish stylized logos, company names etc.

Modern Norwegian spelling would be “skandinavisk våpen- og ammunisjonskompani” FWIW.
I think Danes did away with capital letter nouns a while ago.

Ole, what book is that?

“Rustningskapitalens Blodpenge” af Axel Pille
“Hvad Soldaten Lærer” af Axel Pille


I hope I didn’t get your hopes up and made you think it is a Bible of European mfgs. at the time - in fact they’re two books on war, battle, and its effects on people and society. It does contain some info on certain companies and their businesses.


Ole, no worries, all good!

A friend is working on a book project and I try to help and find all possible reference material.
So basically single sentences can be valuable.
Thanks for your help!

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