SL 42 30-06 question

A friend wants to know if 30-06 SL 42 is corrosive or not? He is a target shooter and has a lot of this SL 42. Thanks aforehand.

Yes, SL 42 .30-06 ammunition has a corrosive primer. Generally speaking, and mind you there are a few exceptions, some in 7.62 NATO Match ammunition come to mind, Small Arms military ammunition from the United States became mainly non-corrosive in 1953. I believe there were some non-corrosive lots in 1952, but 1953 is generally considered the first, fully non-corrosive year for this ammunition.

Of course, American sporting ammunition was non-corrosive-primed years before that.

Here is a list of when non-corrosive primers were first used for all the U.S. Arsenals. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Ron, thanks for the list. Did not have one myself.

John, maybe we should post a symposium on cleaning guns fired with corrosive primers :-). Even in Korea that’s all we had but were lucky enough to have lots of water!



Hot soapy water is good, but that really sinking old G.I. Bore Cleaner did a good job too. I don’t shoot corrosive anymore because I am too lazy to clean my guns immediately after firing (although I always clean them before the next firing), which is good because I ran out of that stuff, finally, about a year after I retired. I used to have a lot of it made in WWII, and it continued to work just fine.

Of course the important trick is to check the bore every day for at least three days, and if it looks dark, clean it again. Usually only takes a couple of cleanings unless you did a whole lot of shooting at one time.

I have even had o.k. results using Hoppes No. 9, not really formulated for corrosive primers, but it is more work than with G.I. Bore Cleaner designed for corrosive ammunition, but not as messy as hot soapy water.

I never had trouble number one with corrosive ammo, but it sure can ruin a bore fast if you don’t watch your cleaning habits. And, it is death to captive pistons like on the M1, M1A1, M2 and M3 Carbines! The main reason they never loaded that caliber corrosive-primed in the U.S.