SL4 cartridge?

Does anyone may have a idea what caliber and with nation thuis cartridge belongs to

Thanks a lot
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With out case measurements? there were 30-06 made by Saint Louis Ordinance Missouri with a lone 4

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From the size comparison with your hand, I would say it is a cartridge commercially referred to as the .30-06 (Probably was, in military designation, the “Cartridge Caliber .30 M2” but hard to know the loading or bullet, which is what the “M2” signifies, with a fired case. The single 4 on the headstamp indicates that it was made in 1944. They initially ground off the “3” on 1943 headstamp bunters as an economy measure. When new bunters had to be made, they often manufactured the bunters with only the single-digit date on them, in order to be consistent. There are, however, some U.S. military cartridges with a “44” on the headstamp.

“SL” was the headstamp designation for the St. Louis Ordnance Plant, St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

The reason I mentioned the size in relation to your hand is that they also made the .50 Cal. Browning Machine gun cartridge, which is why it is so important, when asking for cartridge ID, to give some measurements of the case.

John Moss

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Thanks John Moss. I think your right with the .30 i dont have a measurement from the round because the cartridge is partly destroyed. But i Also have some .50 Cal from the Browning and those are bigger.


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