Slick's SLICS 2009 Adventure

WOW! doesn’t even begin to describe it. The best part, for me, was hooking up with all the forum posters and major players. Walked up to go in the ballroom and there’s Pepper working the check-in desk. Spent a few minutes there before walking in and getting my nametag. Turn around and there’s John Moss and Bill Woodin! AWESOME!!! Then go to meet Ronald and (Harrie) Gyrojet of the Dutch contingent and who’s standing there with them?: SKSVLAD!!! and his son Greg. Note his pic of me and gyrojet on his post. Then I ran across Lew and Jon C. and Paul Smith and and Tailgunner, John Spangler, Vic Engel, Gary Muckel and Chris Punnett. Maybe I’ll remember more as I write, but admit to being a little overwhelmed by it all. I won’t even begin to bore you(get it? BORE?) with display descriptions, so here goes with some picture posting:

Look what my son found in Pepper’s “$2 each” bin!!! Great buy!!! For anyone (including me) unfamiliar with American football, these are Super Ball Championship rings.

OK. Now for some of the displays and layouts. And I just noted I only have one, really crappy, picture of Pepper when he was presenting awards Thursday evening. I was too far away and the flash wasn’t up to it. Sorry Pepper. Everybody knows what you look like anyway :-)
On with the show:

And the latest additions to my library:

.30-06 INSCRIBING by the author hisself!

and the next one on my list of gots-to-have:

Very jealous Rick! I WILL be there next year, God willing.

Chris seems to be quite a fellow. Has done me right whenever I’ve contacted him and the book is awesome.

But all the pics posted make us feel like we are there! Thanks

More pics please, it

Hey Shot…

I concur with your description of Chris Punnett. Multiply him by everybody that was there. No better group of folks.

Glad you like the pics. Wish I could post them all, but you can get an idea of the volume and variety from these.

Thanks so much Rick! Bd Ass pics! Saw tons of cool stuff and great people (ammo legends)! U rule!

PS: Awesome books!

Thanks Rick for the pictures!! It looks awesome. Cartridges themselves are great but a hall full of it together with people with similar interests is approaching a walhalla! “Going to SLICS” moved a place upwards on my “Things-To-Do-In-A-Short-Time-List”.