SLICS 2007: Snap Shots


Howdy all, just a few simple snap shots form SLICS 2007. I’ll try and get more up later in the day.


And I’ll add these to the mix:



And here’s a little closer shot(s) of the riot control display:


It won the 2007 SLICS best display ever in the whole world award. Note plaque just right of center at base of center display. And the little TV in the center. UNBELIEVABLE! And I thought I was cool 'cause I have 4 rounds of this sort of stuff.

This was my first time attending an IAA event. Overwhelming does not describe it. I drove 4.5 hours, North Central Arkinsaw to St. Louis, and then back. Today. Whew! It was worth it. Wish I could have hung around longer. And had won the lottery before I went. And for you price concious folks, the listed prices are just for show. Everything I got, from everybody I dealt with, there was always a “What’s the REAL price?”. And it was always
less. Great Fun. Great folks. Got to meet Iconoclast(Teak) and Lew. THE LEW! Of Lewis Curtis fame. What gentlemen. Glad I’m a part of it all. Wish I’d started sooner.

And just so you know, the 16" projectile in ChristopherB’s pics is WOOD! (250lbs. vs 1Ton) Per Michael Brueckmann(Curator, Mid America Ordnance Museum), the kind displayer of that lot. Another very interesting, very knowledgable guy.


Very interesting. I would love to be able to make it to one of these in the future.


Josh - You’re not too far from 2 excellent PA shows, Williamsport in June, and Morgantown in August. Hope to see you there.


For all the .22 boxes collectors: