Slics 2008

Having wonderful time. Wish you were here–(don’t you?)!!

Pepper’s mega-display this year is something about “My bullet is smarter than you are; or, No place to hide,” [That’s my title, not his.] You gotta see it to believe it. This new fangled ammo is unbelievable.
John S.

Take TONS of pics if you can John (and other’s then attend)!!! I could not get a “Critter Sitter”, to watch my animals to see the show. SO BUMMED!


Have you noticed how little activity this thread has generated. Those guys in St Louis must have found something to keep themselves busy.


They are probably bored silly. :) :) Unlike those of us who stayed home and are keeping the Forum going.


You may be right. Lew has probably issued a directive to the St Louis contingent that prohibits them from posting messages on the forum until the show has ended, just to make us think they are having so much fun they haven’t thought about us non-attendees. Did you notice that John’s was the only post thus far originating from the show? Do you think he’s been found out, and if so, what do you suppose they did to him? He said he was leaving today, but not a peep out of him yet. Should we be concerned.

Hey, John… you still there??

I just hope someone is taking GOBS of pics! :-)

im with ya Jason couldn’t find anybody to take the rats for the weekend hope to see some pics

Big time Joel! I’m sure GYRO will take some good pics. Pepper’s display must be amazing to see 1st hand. I wonder if their are tables full of APFSDS stuff :-)

[from a secret undisclosed location…]
Not much APDSFS stuff that I saw (but I dont dig that species, so I might have just overlooked it.)

John Morris took a lot of photos, and will post them on another site, but I will link to them or add them to the IAA site when he has them available.

The speaker presentations Thursday night were awesome.

Paul Smith was selling a few dozen of his unbelievably well done sectioned cartridges.

The Dutch had tables piled high with goodies.

Great displays. Pete DeCoux took first place (after Pepper) with a mind boggling collection of stuff that does not fit into the normal rimmed/rimless convention.

Lots of good reference books for sale, many by the authors themselves.

Absolutely worth the trip.

My car is barely handling the added weight of all the junque I bought!

I bet it was awesome! Can’t wait to see all the pics!

Just got back a couple hours ago…what an awesome show as usual! The hotel charges $10 a day for internet access (isn’t that special?) and, heck, I’d rather be down at the show hall than on the Web any day!

Loved seeing everyone there as usual…and for anyone that can, plan to make it next year!!!