SLICS 2009 New Pict's from Gyrojet

in room trading

a lot of japans items


ball room

John Moss and the SGT MAJ: Jack

And from Barcalone Spain…

And the best off the day talking and fun with the boy’s !!

gyrojet,John and Phil Butler


Big Boy’s and big toy’s

and lot of ammo …

Lew and Chris

and last but not least…

the FOOD at bandana’s

MAN!! all that ammo is causing me to drool!!!

Well, smelling the ribs cooking at Bandana’s and seeing the others eating them made me drool. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too hungry and had some turkey. It was o.k., but the ribs looked incredible. Wish I had simply stuffed myself with the ribs. Lord knows it wouldn’t be noticed in my already elephantine profile.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm…the ribs!!! Almost as good as the cartridges! I never did finish that plate (I’m the balding round guy in the black shirt), but I did finish it for lunch on Thursday.