Slics 2010

Aaron is learning all the Swiss languages from Dimitri in photo #5.

Nice clip displays , I am working on mine .It will be a wooden display with empty clips

Enjoy the world of primers.

As far as cartridge collecting, that primer collection / display was one of the most intense and thoroughly cataloged that I have seen in any field of cartridge interest.

Whose was the display of clips? It looked pretty neat but not possible to identify many from the photo.


I saw the primer collection years ago when the owner had two of those coin binders full of different primers, and thought it was an incredible collection. He now has about a dozen binders full. It is one of the most interesting collections of anything (including stamps, coins, baseball cards, guns, cartridges - what ever) that I have ever seen.
I now believe primers, in spite of some discussion of them from time to time, is the most over-looked field in ammunition. By the way, his display won “Best of Show” award at St. Louis and deserved it! Fantastic job!

John Moss

I agree completely with John moss! That was an incredible display!

Add my hearty endorsement to that of John Moss and newcomer Aaron. The primer exhibit is a true masterpiece in terms of completeness, organization, historical context and analysis.

Ignition is one of the key elements of all ammunition/cartridges, and the numbers of different approaches tried (thus far) is truly mind boggling. It would be a smart move for some of the bright young minds in the ammunition (or firearms) development world to study this collection to avoid repeating past mistakes, or possibly improve on past ideas with new technology or goals.

Very well done, and truly deserving of the award.

I bet even Pepper was impressed by this one! [Pepper having won best of show for several years in a row with his similarly comprehensive and well organized display on different themes.]

This is the first time in years that I have missed the show. Hopefully - but not likely - I’ll get to go next year. Nice to see a crowded show hall and great stuff on display!

Yes, very interesting !
What is the name of this guy?

I like to see old staff and imagine the work to find all these items and identify them.

Very good !

long time IAA member paul molans of jeannette pa

I bow down to this effort. My 5 previous SLICS displays (2004-2008) were basically massive “Show & Tell” displays and other than the huge amount of signage I created…they pale(d) in comparison to the value of this reference material.

This display could be set up as a reference collection tomorrow…very few of our collections could function the same if simply based on the fact the ID material isn’t as closely at hand (with each example) as Paul has done with his binder based ID’s with his primers

It was/is a “wow”…he is Mr. Ignition

Pepper Burruss
IAA President

PS…There were other AWESOME displays. The rarity of some of Mel Carpenter’s gyrojet displays items was off the charts…and there were other major effort displays as well…Wildcats…Clips…shot concentrators…etc…etc

AMAZING photos of a awesome show. Thanks Gyro and everyone for taking such great pics for us that can’t make it. That primer display sounds incredible! I love that table full of large caliber rounds and artillery shells :-)


left side from Norway Mörten Stoen and at the right IAA President Pepper Burruss!

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Who are the three little kids in the top photo???


I think that was my first SLICS!