SLICS 2012 Seminar Speaker Required


If you are interestred in making a seminar presentation at SLICS, please drop me a line.

Your presentation should be about 20 minutes long and if you don’t have access to PowerPoint we can help prepare all your slides.

This will be 9th year for the seminars!


IAA Research Committee

Paul - I would be quite happy to do something.


Thank you, Tony.

Offer accepted!

Anybody else?

With Tony’s help, this means 2 confirmed and 2 possibles (thank you DK for your offer, but as you did a talk last year, I don’t want to have to ‘return to the well too often’).

Three speakers seems to work the best given the length of Thursday evenings activities, so one more would clinch it.

Thanks again,


Consider me a “reserve” if need be