SLICS 2015 Find and question

ok, here is a new primed empty I picked up at SLICS 2015. Anybody have any ideas as to what it is? This is not just a 9x19 case that someone necked down as it is to long. It is also not just an unfinished 9x19 case either as it has a primer seated in it with red sealer. The case neck also appears to have been annealed. Here are the measurements in inches/mm.
Case mouth I.D. = .2825" / 7.18mm
Case mouth O.D. = .312’’ / 7.93mm
Shoulder = .379’’ / 9.61mm
Base = .3865’’ / 9.82mm
Rim = .390’’ / 9.90mm
Shoulder Length = .70’’ / 17.78mm
Case Length = 1.144’’ / 29.06mm

any help would be appreciated.

Does PMC market rose-crimped blanks?

I have the same thing. I think it is a NPE for a rose crimp blank. I have never seen one of these loaded, but lots of little companies load rose crimp blank from remanufactured 223/5.56 cases or 38 special cases. Remington use to sell NPE rose crimp blanks for loading.

Hope someone knows more on this.


Thanks guys