Slics 2018 pics request


It will be great to see pics of the show, people, ctgs. tables, empty bottles, etc.
Have a good time.

Javier Ramallo
A.A.C.A.M. (Argentina)


I agree! It would be great to see some pictures, since i couldnt be there.


I couldnt be there too !!! 😭😭😭

My WWI Aerial Flechette display

More to follow


A round thus rare ( or huge $$$$$) will make you empty a few wine glasses

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Jestertoo, great items I can see there! Wish this was a show over here…

You guys suck! We’re not even allowed to have pictures of some of those items. I’m probably in breach of a dozen laws even looking at them online!


Mayhem, where is it not allowed to look at such stuff or have the images???

So far I thought only North Korea and Germany have fascist laws.

Tom’s EXCALIBUR round is incredible! GREA PIC! Thank you!

I so wish I could be there, but other schedule commitments prevented it this year.
Looks like new carpet and lighting, but most of the regular folks are there. (Hi, everyone!)

If Bob Mellichamp is there can someone please update us on the status of Volume 3 of his superb 37mm books, and if he has any copies of Volumes 1 or 2 available?

Is that a Sidewinder or Sparrow missile?

Pepper’s display are always unbelievable. I hope someone will post more detailed photos so we can appreciate all that stuff.

Best wishes to all. See you next year.

Tank you!!
I so wish I could be there.

@JohnS Sidewinder. Looks AIM-9L or newer.

More pics !!! More pics !!!

Keep the pics coming, i know a handful of Kiwis visiting this year, i bet they’ll have a ball!

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Wouldn’t this big giant item be great sticking out the back of your trunk on the way to the hotel… And then explain to the airline on the flight home that it is for your collection! (Hypothetically)

I need to attend SLICS sometime soon!

Thanks for the photos also.

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