SLICS 2019 in pictures

Room trading, Day 0.


And here is Bandana’s, local ribs bbq heaven.
And one more thing, Dan Dietz asked me to post greetings from him to everyone at SLICS who remembers him.


Day 1. Show entrance before the show opens, suspense in the air, mad dash inside…

DSCF9085 DSCF9086 DSCF9088 DSCF9092 DSCF9093 DSCF9097 DSCF9098 DSCF9099


Almost forgot. You know Brian, the guy who goes by bdgreen, who finds incredible ammo info online? Well, he is a regular guy and he eats at Waffle House.


Is the 303 round on the table payment for the meal or simply a point of discussion?

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Glad you noticed the most important thing in the picture :-D

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I need to stop drooling over the cartridge photos before I short out my keyboard. Wish I was there with the rest of you!

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That .303 Brit on the table has a headstamp of “R.16.W. VII”.

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Interesting - I wonder who reloaded it?

I’ve not seen a commonwealth loaded .303 that used three stab crimps to secure the primer. WRA used 4 stab crimps during WWII and FN and some French and Greek manufacturers used them post war. I’d be really interested to learn history behind this. Perhaps this is the reason it was on the table?

I recall reading about cases being collected after battles and sent back to the UK for reloading but I had always assumed that the primers would have been ring crimped, as originally done. I cannot find the article I was thinking of but will do a more thorough search later. I’m unsure whether it was in reference to WWI or WWII.

Perhaps a mod could move this picture and my post into a new thread on this topic, rather than head off topic in here…

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Well spotted Mayhem. It would be interesting to know what type of bullet is loaded into this case. I suspect this was reloaded in France for use in aircraft machine guns. France utilised US and British cases and reloaded a variety of their own ball, tracer, AP & API projectiles.


Does it have a bullet at all?
Could also be one of the plenty propellant primers or one of the special purpose devices down to fuzes etc.

It looks like a shiny cupro-nickel bullet to me…

I agree with Jim’s observation.

How about this? I get back home, take nice scans and pictures and make a separate topic for it? I am a bit strained with time and my photo abilities now. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a “sister” for this round.

Better still, give it to Lew and I’ll pick it up from him in September. Then I’ll scan it etc. This will take the pressure off of you. It is the least I can do Vlad :)

Mayhem, after you are done scanning youcan pass it on as I can offer to shoot it away and see if it flies straight.
If that would be of any help. :-)

How could you suggest such a thing Alex? It should be preserved.

Day 2.


Day 3.

That’s all, folks!!! Ended with a big dinner and, I think, for the first time the entire IAA banquet audience singing “Happy Birthday” to a 10 year old girl!!!


Is there a story behind the ammo box marked as ATF evidence?

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