Slics 2019


Not sure if non Americans follow a giant flood in the middle of US of A
I want to drive to St.Louis (terrified of flying with ammo and related paperwork) and therefore pay attention to the inundation. Any idea if it will affect SLICS or getting to SLICS?




The flooding in Nebraska & Iowa at this time should have no effect on St Louis.


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If I lived in Midwest, I’d buy a couple of those. Thank God you did not suggest a Mississippi river cruise!!

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I figured you could drive as far as possible and then continue on the boat. I have to say that I found flying from GA to TX with ammunition extremely easy. I simply declared it at check in and had no problems. Of course, there is a 5kg limit.

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If any foreign guests without auto want to see Mississippi river flooding in St.Louis, I’ll have a car to drive to The Arch, good place to see the flooding, quite impressive. Also nearby is Eads Bridge, the 1st steel bridge EVER built (by Andrew Carnegie, a Scott, responsible for ALL the buildings around you) Before his steel innovations, the height of a building was limited because wood could not take too much pressure. When he made steel cheap, people started building skyscrapers supported by steel. Also a nice WWII Veterans museum downtown St.Louis.