Slics 2020

Before SLICS actually starts on April 8th, there is an informal “room trading” when people put their names and room numbers on an information board/stand in the hotel lobby and one can follow this list and see if there is something in those rooms to get or trade. To me it is an invaluable tool for meeting people and learning their names. And see stuff spread on the beds and on the floor too.
Is that possible to post a photo of the board here at the forum on April 7th, so I could just print this photo and follow the floor numbers?

The board at the elevator changes all the time because people check-in in the hotel and open their rooms. just make a picture with your cell phone. much easier and not printing is better for the environment. Greta would be proud of you 😂😂😂

see you in a few weeks

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Remind me to show you my cell phone when we meet at SLICS. I once saw my phone in a museum next to USS Wisconsin in Virginia. I did not know that Greta Thunberg collected ammo.

who is organizing Slics this year? I may donate some door prizes

It’s our very own Aaron Newcomer. He’s even set up a website so all info is in one place:

I made my hotel booking through the site and it had the special room rates pre-loaded.

Thanks Aaron!

Sorry I guess I could have looked a little better. lol

Is this your phone Vlad?



That’s a next model after mine.


I thought it might be more like this…



For the in-room trading, the lobby board is good.
Just see which floors are listed, not the individual rooms. Take the elevator to the highest listed floor, and walk the hall from one end to the other. Take the stairs at either end of the hall down to the next floor and walk it down to the far end, then down to the next floor.
Good exercise, and easy to go down stairs. You will find all the rooms with the doors propped open.


Aaron also has the Ohio cartridge show this next week. Lots of miles coming up.

I was reading an old post about SLICS commemorative headstamp cartridges. Would there be a 2020 commemorative, something like “SLICS 2020 Aaron’s 1st show”?

A pinfire shotshell for a clock gun?

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