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Actually by now I have no positive ID as for who developed it and even the manufacturers are not fully identified.
All I have observed so far is that the LS cased ones are seemingly from Czechoslovakia (wit room for interpretation) and those in CCS cases are Bulgarian.

The Russians used the PUS-7 system which fired standard 7.62x39 (tracers as per the manual).

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The all black round third from the right on the bottom row is a dummy round. It’s a very dark green plastic with no headstamp. I’m not quite sure if it’s commercial or home made.

thank for your response

The dark all plastic, could be by George Fisher, SFX.
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Here’s an interesting one, this seller does specialized polymer projectiles in a variety of calibers for special FX use. They are all dummy cartridges and aside from color variations he makes special ones that can take a mini glow-stick in the case to make the projectile glow for such things like a movie prop use for purple UV light vampire killing bullets, etc… or “radioactive” anti-monster bullets that glow green:

Sorry for the controversy. There were like 5 generic posts on the front page titled “my slics finds” or “pics from slics” or similar. We have been combining these together into a single mega thread after slics for years now. Should’ve messaged you all first. Sorry about that!

I did read all of the comments above and understand the frustration in light of people being uncomfortable with titles being changed or lost pictures being reuploaded, etc. And no content was edited on anyone’s posts, just combined into a single place.

Next year I’ll be sure to create the thread ahead of time with better communication and instructions to use it rather than creating a bunch of separate ones.

Again, sorry about the editorialization without notifying first.


Thanks for the update.
Now if only my August show info could get on the Events Calendar… :wink:

I think it should be okay for people to create their own SLICS threads if they want to. I don’t mind minor modifications to thread titles. I would prefer not to have to search the mega thread to find particular posts and responses.


Hello Aaron,

I still not agree in merging several threads together, as long, differnt questions are asked.
If there is a tread, just about pics a.s.o.from a show and giving an overall insight in the show, it is usefull…but as soon, there are questions about a specific cartridge or a special questions, they should not be merged, but stand as separate titles, as they where published.
Otherwise it is useless, to search some specific questions and the answers to.
A tread which shows only the familisation and overview of the show, is good…but as said before…questions and specific treads (even as coming from or about the shows) should stay, as they where published by the authors.
Sorry, my opinion


I too agree as a specific Q&A of an item in a thread “my SLICS finds” gets answered and then becomes unsearchable down the road (unless searches dig in to thread content which I am not sure of)

You know I think the ability to search (seek & find) is a pretty big deal

I need someone to tell me…if Vlad’s question of the windowed Federal buckshot (I own it now) is addressed in a thread “my finds” does it get retrieved in a simple search for “Federal buckshot”(if it’s buried in my soon to be posted “finds”)

Agreed. All the fraternizing … SLICS food … Outdoor shots … and “cocktails” … the room (not the table offerings) and auction “action” should stay in a SLICS 21 thread aside from specifics of Q & A

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I think that this forum is victim of his success, these last months I has constated that the number of new topics is growing a lot, I counted more than 300 threads this last month. There is a lot of topics with just title like “what is it” or “identification, please”. I know that now we are living in a world where anybody want to have an answer as soon as they ask it, but most of the answers are already on the forum. I believe that a fast research will give an answer and limit the number of topics… Just my opinion…

  1. This thread is totally hijacked. Can we move the philosophical portion to a new thread?

  2. The IAA forum is not solely a technical reference. It’s also a hangout. Maybe you need to create a “technical” area for “technical only posts” and not call it “general”.

  3. You will kill participation by worrying about “number of new threads”. I get shutting down duplicate threads (say like 3 people reporting the same news event), but 5 guys making separate posts about their stuff keeps discussion about their finds distinct from the other posters. I don’t want to post my slics finds now, because I don’t want my pictures mixed into a jumbled mess.


I hope people post their SLICS finds as I don’t think I will be able to get there for a few years and I love to see what I could expect to see if I do make the effort to get there…