SLICS and Coronavirus

As of right now there are NOT plans to cancel SLICS. There have been a couple people who have canceled coming however. And many people have asked me if I plan on canceling.

I just wanted to open this up for discussion for anyone to chime in with their thoughts.

Thoughts to consider:

  • The people who attend tend to be more older than younger

  • People come from other countries (no one I know of from Iran or Italy or China this year)

  • People come from states like Washington and California

  • I don’t know where the hotel stands on this. Typically I would be on the hook for the rooms and everything that are not booked ($50,000)

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I am 79 and am a bit in-firmed from my recent operation. Kathleen and I have discussed it and decided to attend, Unless I come down with something in the meantime.

I intend to avoid hugs and handshakes and crowded areas. I promise not to drink directly from Martin’s whisky bottle this time!


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Also, for what it’s worth, the hotel did tell me this:

We know the coronavirus is a source of concern for many of us right now. Here are some things our hotel is doing right now to protect our guests during your stay:

· More frequent cleaning in all guest areas, and high touch items such as door knobs, elevator buttons & counter tops.
· Washing hands encouraging proper hand and cough hygiene of all employees, and suggesting the same for guests.
· Tissues provided for guests in all common areas.
· Hand sanitizer stations located at the front desk.

They also mentioned that the following directives were given to their employees:

We have also referred to the basic protective measures against the coronavirus.

· Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds
· Cover your cough in your elbow or tissue, not your hands
· Stay home if you’re sick and go to the doctor
· Only wear a face mask if infected; Face masks will not prevent you from getting the virus.

All guidelines and recommendations are from the direction of the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Nothing short of Ebola will keep me away. I am 63 and in good health (right now anyway). As Lew points out, it would be wise NOT to shake hands. A fist pump or elbow tap would be appropriate give the circumstances. Make sure you wash your hands regularly. Just be prudent. No kissing of other collectors when they hand you that elusive cartridge you have been looking to find for the last 40 years…

When there is a gathering of a larger number of people from different areas, there are always transmission risks for anything that is going around. Just be more circumspect this year and be prudent for those that choose to attend.

Needless to say, I will be there, but I can only speak for myself on this.


The only way I will not be there is if the show is forcibly canceled. I plan on arriving mid day on Tuesday for some in room trading.

Planning on late afternoon Monday arrival & room set-up for Tue. morning open.

be there or be square!

I would recommend that, if you have a bit of flu or a serious cold, don’t come to SLICS unless your doctor runs the test and makes sure you don’t have Coronavirus.

If Kathleen or I have symptoms, I will not attend, or if I get them in St Louis, I will leave. I think that is a responsibility we all have to each other.

Only my opinion!


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I plan to show up even if Lew will not share his whiskey with me. 2 years ago I got pneumonia right before SLICS and the antibiotic made it worse before switching to another one so I sat at home instead of diving into the bins of ammo. So I know first hand how it feels not to go.
If you see a pile of FREE green boxes at the front entrance to SLICS hall, I am inside.

As a past CICS (Chicagoland International Cartridge Show) and SLICS manager, I can tell you that Aaron, through no fault of his own, is in a very challenging position now, one that he does not deserve to be in, especially his first time out as show manager. In order to get the extremely great deal the show enjoys with the Renaissance, Aaron, Vic, and I made some pretty significant guarantees to the hotel, and Vic and I always met these. While I have no idea of how the Renaissance would handle the situation under the current coronavirus pandemic circumstances, I’m sure hotel management would force a show cancellation only as a last resort or if ordered to by some authority.

This will be my 45th consecutive show. I’ve had to overcome a lot of obstacles to achieve that record, including when I was on active duty as a Navy pilot. But I always found a way and this year will be no different, although I have to admit that coronavirus infection is a pretty serious consideration. Florida is already infected, and with deaths. So, when I go to the grocery store for food, or the local gun shop for ammo, or the big gun show next weekend, I just might be exposed. Or not. My wife Cathi and I are taking the CDC-recommended precautions and using common sense.

As one of three SLICS sponsors, I know how hard Aaron has worked for this show, with lots of innovations (check your room key card) to improve the show, including display awards. So, I will be there with a display of British WWII cartridges, lots of wonderful stuff for sale or trade, and a wee dram of Glenfiddich’s finest Scotch to share with Vlad and others if Lew gets stingy. I sure hope to see all of you there as we all take the precautions we should.

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I plan on attending. That being said, most of the airports in my region are now running at about 50% of normal. Even at that, we have confirmation of infections of TSA screening officers in both WA and CA. Many contingency plans are under discussion on how to remain functional as this thing runs its course. Regardless of what you see some saying on the news, there is serious concern. Noting the average age of our members and the way that this virus behaves, if you have doubts - stay home. We love and cherish this event, but the fact is that it’s a cartridge show. There will be another next year.


I plan on coming.

Hand hygiene is key. You touch things and then you touch your face. Fist pumps are OK but only if you wash your hands afterwards. I’d suggest people bring along hand sanitizer with them and use regularly and especially before touching their face. If someone is coughing or sneezing then move away from them. People travelling from high risk countries will be prevented entry into the US and most likely will not be allowed to board their flight at its point of origin. Most government web sites are updating several times a day and this (not Google) is your best source of information.

I’ll be the guy in the yellow hazmat suit. Be sure to wave and say hello!

Well, travel is now banned from Europe to the US for the next 30 days except for from the UK.

For my German and Spanish friends…“Scheiße!” and “Mierda!”
I will miss you all…even if I don’t get there. This is a bad year for any travel, apparently. I hope somebody figures something out quickly, before SLICS, and what is that other big international event…oh yeah, the Olympics.

I’m coming but I’m in a funk about our European friends travel situation…and frankly in a funk about the stress that Aaron has to be dealing with as his first show…no choice of his…who would have ever thought ?

I was to fly next week to what was the US epicenter (state of Washington, Seattle in particular) as I had planned a visit my resident daughter there and thought a nice opportunity to attend the Castle Rock cartridge show a short 2 hrs south of Seattle.

The show is still on, (as of today). (3 Seattle area counties have banned “large” gatherings altogether) but Castle Rock is several counties south and seems out of the edicts harm.

All that said; I canceled my flights (full credit on Delta) and I am sad not to be able to attend the Castle Rock show; but my decision is mainly based on the fact the city of Seattle is said to be a shell of itself with a palpable tension everywhere. Being this trip was to be social…that does not seem like a good choice.

My daughter is using my flight credit and flying to Green Bay (from her temporary stay in San Diego) as both her employer and graduate school are all “work from home” until at least 3/23.

I will continue my usual SLICS prep of my trade/sale stock but NO mega display this year.

I/we are excited to host our daughter but I am watching my retired profession (sports) going through changes by the day…hour…and minute.

Who’d have thunk ?

Prayers for peace for all those stressed and inconvenienced…but this is really about health (and sadly economics) on a global scale.

Let’s all stay tuned and support Aaron to the max

PS (anyone saving a few $ staying at another hotel other than the SLICS hotel…bow up and change to the show hotel)


We wanted to Visit SLICS from czech republic, but we have ban. Its a big loose and disapointment for me and my friends. Hope everbody who comes there will be good and enjoy the meeting.
Have a strong health.

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This morning I read in the papers that President Trump shut down all flights from Europe to the USA. I am very sorry hat I cannot attend the show this year.

I wish all my friends in the US a great show.


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We may have left the EU, but; our heart goes out to Italy.

We can only watch and wait.

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That really was a bad start of the day, hearing that the US shut-down all travel from Europe.
Normally I would have come but in this case we have no options. They won’t let us into the country.

For all those who will attend, have a great show, stay healthy and hopefully see you next year

Aaron, you should not have to lose your shirt on this, I did not plan on coming this year
due to health and financial reasons out of my control., but I believe most of us in the IAA are willing to pitch in and help you if needed.
You should not be left holding the debt. if any is due, the IAA should ask all it’s members to pitch in and help Aaron out if needed.
This event may be Aaron’s to deal with, but most all of us in the IAA know it is for all the IAA members if they can afford and have the time to come to it, and i feel we all have the responsibility to help Aaron , again , if needed. .
No shame here Aaron, your a good young man with a young family to take care of, if you need help , please let us all know. Your a huge asset to the IAA, and we will not let you down.
My very best,


Hello guys, with my big respect to all efforts Aaron and his team put into SLICS 2020 preparation may I propose not to take a risk and try to postpone the date of the event for later this year…? The situation is getting more and more serious not only in EU but in US as well which will definitely lead to the tremendous drop of people coming to St. Louis in April. All intl. airlines have offered to overseas participants to change the tickets FOC for later dates; the question is how the hotel will approach to this proposal (if the borders are closed) - it’s force majeure situation and they might have the understanding.
Best regards Tomas