SLICS and Coronavirus

Despite not being involved I fully agree that Aaron should not run into problems (except those already happening).

In case things go wrong:
Maybe a Paypal account can be published so everybody who wants can donate some amount to cover the already caused SLICS expenses which would be otherwise on Aaron personally.
All together we may set it straight or?
At least I am in for that.


I would be glad to chip in.

We could also auction off items & have the procedes go towards the tab if needed.

Man this no flying thing is a bad deal in many ways for us & ridiculous to begin with… like putting a rubber on after your girl is pregnant.

Someone provide me with a large enough plane to make it across the pond & I’ll dust off my logbook to go get our friends in Europe lol


Lew may try to get a C-5 scheduled for a training flight to Europe and pick up the bunch and make SLICS happen in a cordoned off AF base in the Arizona desert or so.
This also will solve the 5kg IATA limit. :-)


While I have never been able to attend, SLICS, I agree that, Aaron, should not get stuck with any financial burden. I can not imagine the stress and coordination that goes into organizing a show like this when all is going great, much less with the current state of things. SLICS. organizers bust their butts putting this on for us, and the Membership should help. I agree with, EOD, that maybe a good idea to setup a, PayPal account if need, so members can help out if possible to alleviate, Aarons stress and financial worries making this all happen. I’d be down to help out if it is needed.

Much respect for, Aaron and all of the other, SLICS organizers present and past!


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Just get the message that the German meeting in Aerzen is canceled.
New date is 19/20 June if nothing change.

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Thank youf for telling!
The catastrophe has happened!

So is it not possible to fly to an intermediary country, and then to the U.S. - such as Canada? It usually would not be cost effective, but planes are so empty that prices are down. If they are restricting by passport country of origin though, then it still would not work.

I wish they had just instituted the 30-day ban 7 to 10 days ago, then it would have missed SLICS.

No In fact it’s even more strict. It covers anyone who has been to one of the restricted countries in the last 14 days (from the date of travel).

So technically, Our friends who live in the Schengen Area could go holiday in Ireland or Romania for a couple weeks and then fly here fine.

But honestly they way everything is progressing I can’t imagine gatherings even the size of ours do not get banned. I will keep following everything.

Thank you Aaron.

Matt, I have to respectfully disagree with you offering the idea of taking a flight to another country and then to the USA. That is a total disregard for other peoples safety as well as your own.
None of us need to spread this virus. That is the reason for the band on travelers from Europe, it is not to punish us, it is to save lives. To stop the virus before 60,000 people die in the USA like 10 years ago, this Virus maybe far worst… It is killing a lot of the older people. and many of us in the IAA are old people.
Aaron, if you lose money on SLICs this year, I am sure there are many of us that will help you recoup your losses, you should not take the hit for all of us.


I was just speaking in rhetorical terms on the mechanics of it all. St Louis and / or Missouri may decide the fate of large groups in coming weeks anyway.

What ever happens I hope all stay well and we all help out Aaron if he needs it…

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Agree 100% on supporting Aaron.
Events are moving quickly and decisions will be made at many levels which impact the show, and the health of each of us.

While the fate of SLICS 2020 is somewhat uncertain, I am REALLY looking forward to SLICS 2021!


Aaron, keep us informed.

Me too John! I have told my children and grand children I will not be able to visit for a few weeks.
The good news is the young people are not effected as badly as the older people.
Maybe this is a Social Security virus to get us old people off the payrolls :-)
All kidding aside, older people with lung issues and other issues have to be careful, this and the regular flu can kill us.
The younger people have to be careful not to pass it on the the older people, in the family.
Hope you all stay well.


I may have missed it in prior posts; but as wildly unexpected the prospects of SLICS being “disallowed”…I would expect the Marriott Corporation (like countless other companies/organizations/insurance companies/etc…) to make and absorb unprecedented concessions if not only based on “the right thing to do”; it may actually be some type of tort if the cancellations of said events are “government” mandated.

It all great to rally around Aaron (whether his first or 20th show) but seeing fellow collectors bicker over a $10 cartridge…imagine 10’s of thousands of dollars in hotel guarantees.

There are 100’s (1000’s) of events being canceled by the day/hour/minute that dwarf our SLICS many times over.

So let’s all relax; share our disappointment, support fellow collectors and wait for the next shoe to fall (if it does)



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I am sure the IAA members will rally to help out Aaron if needed. Just let us know if needed.

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Count me in, if Aaron gets stuck with a cancellation fee.
But with so many events being cancelled, I doubt Marriott will attempt to stick just one group with a cancelation fee.

Just heard the NRA Annual Members meeting is canceled for this year.

St. Louis County just banned all events with more than 250 people.

I talked to the hotel staff this morning and just now have reached out again following this news.

Will follow up as I hear more.