SLICS and the Forum

It’s getting close to that time of the year again - the time when the big kids will be in St. Louis comparing headstamps - leaving the Forum wide open to the lesser accumulators, like me. So if you are one of the unwashed masses it’s time to start thinking about what you want to discuss when they’re gone. For my part I plan to talk about Wildcats and Benchrest cartridges. I may even post some full frontal photos of the more exotic and erotic, so be warned.


Ray - I will be gone, but could stand the full frontal erotic photos of wildcat cartridges, as long as there are none of our chief Arizona wildcatter himself.
: ) : ). My God, now you’ve got me making sideways happy faces!

As in years past, I too will be manning the forum as the more astute and distinguished amongst us are gathering in St. Louis. As I have a relatively short memory, SLICs will probably have come and gone before I notice the complete lack of activity on the forum and will be asking you what you suppose has happened to everyone (again). Consequently, my input probably won’t much different than my usual goofy questions and answers.

So Ray, is your back doing better, or should I expect again to have to get out at dawn every morning, face in the general direction of St Louis, and bow down for the two of us this year, too???

It’s kind of like when you were a kid and no one was around to play with because they all went to a really great birthday party and you had to stay home and finish your chores. The saddest part is when they come back and show you all the cool toys they got as party favors and tell of all the wonderful things they got to do and see.

Wildcat on Ray…


With any luck, I will be one of those astute and distinguished types. As for the full frontal fotos from Ray(say that ten times real fast), I’m more of a headstamp man myself. Just sayin’.

"more astute and distinguished "???
Hah!!! Obviously you haven’t been there or seen the pics! It’s as slovenly a bunch as you’d ever want to set eyes on. Some of us are just lucky enough to have the available time, and gullible wives.

Jon - Hey, I resemble that remark. I am as a-stight and extinguished as anyone could be.

ah ah ah…my ex girlfriend had no reason to be gullible…When she came to visit me she saw cartridges and cases everywhere …and me asking her “do you like this 375 H&H ?”…ah ah now I understand the reason why I am a single man :) :)

…anyway a woman is the most expensive thing on the face of the earth and now I have much more money in my pockets to buy some new nice stuff :)

Yes, but it is often kind of nice to have a woman around, and I do hate my own cooking.

No, Pivi, you are wrong…children are MUCH more expensive. And you can always send wives out to work.
But I digress…I will try to stay in touch during the St. Louis week.

Sounds like the Mos-Eisley spaceport from Star Wars. Are there pack animals and robots everywhere too? I can’t wait!

I’m really looking forward to the show (my first). I’ll bring my laptop so I don’t miss anything on the forum also. :)

Unfortunately, no free wifi in the hotel!

The hotel info is a bit confusing, they state that wireless (wifi?) is available in the rooms and public areas, BUT wired highspeed is a pay feature?

[quote]High-speed Internet access Public Areas Wireless

Guest Rooms Wired*, Wireless

Meeting Rooms Wired


For a set daily rate of 12.95 USD you get, in your guest room:

High-speed Internet access
Unlimited local phone calls
Unlimited long distance calls (within the country), not available in all markets
Prices may vary in a few markets.

No free wireless access last year. That advert doesn’t sound like they have it free now.

Hmm. Maybe I’ll leave the computer at home, let people talk about me, and buy some cartridges instead…

Ray, during the “black out” we could go back to your adapter discussion. I have a few funnies.


Judging from the lack of forum activity during last year’s show, you aren’t likely to miss much besides Ray and me discussing the weather, and Ray going on and on and on (ad nauseum) about the joys of collecting wildcats. I’d suggest leaving the laptop at home so you’ll have more room for old dirty ammo.

I just called, the 12.95/day is for in-room wireless access. The charge for “public” areas is even a bigger raping.

[quote=“Guy Hildebrand”][quote]

Yes, but it is often kind of nice to have a woman around, and I do hate my own cooking.[/quote][/quote]

well…as every real italian guy I really like to cook…but I agree with you,SOMETIMES it is nice to have a woman around