SLICS cartridge

This description … ?item=3099 seems to imply that SLICS has its own headstamp. Do I understand it correctly?

The SLICS Show cartridge is a blackened-case .22LR dummy with a hole in the center of the base, and an uncolored lead bullet. It is attached to a souvenir-type card (varying shades of blue, as in the sky, in color) depicting the Arch in St. Louis, and marked with the appropriate dates and location.

Only 2000 rounds of these specially headstamped dummies were produced. The back of the souvenir card has a three paragraph explanation of the cardtridge and of St. Louis show cartridges in general.

The cartridges were manufactured unheadstamped, by Federal Cartridge Company, and the headstamp was applied by the Jepsen Tool Company of Jacksonville, Florida.

The headstamp is “SLICS” ringing the top edge and “2004” ringing the bottom edge of the head. It is read by cartridge rotation - that is, the “2004” is upside down to the “SLICS” when read holding the “SLICS” at the top.

Is a new headstamp made every year (i.e. 2005, 2006 etc.)?

Vlad - not necessarily. I don’t have anywhere near all of the show cartridges. Wish I did. Somehow, I missed one here and there, and one show I couldn’t go to a few years ago due to a health scare and medical appointments.

Here’s what i have - we already discussed 2004:

2001 A-Zoom .50 MG Snap cap - headstamp: SLICS A-ZOOM 2001 50 BMG
2003 10 Gauge all-brass empty shotshell - headstamp: No. SLICS 10 2003
(The “No.” is actually just “No” with the “o” high and underlined).
2005 Green plastic Dardick .38 Tround with “SLICS 2005” Engraved on the
side of the cartridge.
2006 .30-06 headstamp W.R.A. .30-06, engraved on the side of the ctg:
St. Louis International Cartridge Show 2006
100th. Anniversary of the .30-06
1906 - 2006

That’s all I can report. I don’t know if there was a show cartridge in 2007 or 1008. If there was, I didn’t get one. I don’t remember before 2001, either. I have attended most, but not all of the shows, since they were held in Mundelein, Illinois years ago (that was before the show was move to Oakbrook, Illinois). I don’t recall any show cartridges until Mel Carpenter took over and moved the show to St. Louis. Like I say, I could be wrong. I just don’t remember.