SLICS dining options


After hours of enjoying the cartridges one works up a hunger.

Of course the banquet and live auction are Friday night. The Seminars are Thursday night (with free refreshments in the past). That leaves Lunches and Tuesday/Wednesday evenings pretty much open.

The hotel restaurant has been excellent in the past, but is a bit pricey and upscale. Great for a treat, but there must be a lot of good options (and likely less expensive) to include.

How about suggesting some nearby options, either from this week, or past experience?


Bandanas, BBQ joint just up the road. Great ribs!!! Harry (gyrojet) loves it too.


Waffle House (all hail the House of Waffle) and Denny’s are about a ball toss distance form the hotel. OK, so there aren’t really great options close by that I have found, even though Waffle House is the greatest eatery ever. I have driven over to the St. Louis Bread Co., aka Panera, a few times for a quick bite to eat. I usually get my provisions for the week at Whole Foods and Trader Joes about 9-miles away in Maryland Heights/Brentwood.


Jonny YES Bandanas!!! thats a great place to eat… and also the boiled peanuts a GREAT… i love it,



Lombardo’s Restaurant (not a Irish joint !)(10488 Natural Bridge Road) 314.429.5151. …on the service road across for the airport about 1/2-3/4 mile from the hotel’s front door…will be there twice

Pepper (on the road today!)


Food is also an ammunition, be careful, some of it is “exploding bullets”. I am taking the twins to Hard Rock Cafe at Union Station, downtown St.Lou.


Harrie, I challenge you to an eating contest with my daughter, she is only 12 but has Peter the Great’s blood, and he learnt how to eat and drink in Holland. I’ll be moving to Renaissance on Tue, find me there.


While in St. Louis, I can only wish…