SLICS Display


For all of you who are not able to attend SLICS this year, here is a preview of my Pinfire display I will have there. I would imagine that more of the displays will be posted later this week. I will bring my camera and take some pictures in case no one else does.

Click the image to view a larger version if you wish to read the text.


Thanks AaronN322 for the picture of your SLICS display. Very impressive. Can not make the trip myself, which would have been the first. I’m asking, begging, and pleading for more pics of the show. Everything and anyone. If you can, maybe pics of members with thier specialities. Thanks in advance. Wolf


Well, I made it and am here in St Louis. Can’t wait to see the hall in the morning! Pin fires to plastic steels, HAPPY DAYS!


Many of the usual suspects are at the show. There will be more photos to come.