SLICS driving help

I have decided to drive to SLICS, against my wife’s advice who called me various 4-letter words, yeh, like “fool”. I am driving from New York, and hopefully back. I’d like to hit Wright-Patterson AFB on the way back. I also never went west of Ohio. If anyone has any helpful advice about anything pertaining to such a trip, I’ll be very happy to listen.

Having been to both museums you mentioned, and I recommend them to all, my only advice is to plan on at least 2 days at the AF museum, if you want to see most of it. The Patton museum is a good half day minimum. Last time I was there they had removed the majority of the outdoor displays. Not sure if they have been replaced/restored. Their sectioned tanks make for awesome displays. Keep in mind Ft. Knox is right there. Can’t get close to it but there was a little tour of sorts. Also right near the Knob Creek Shooting Range, famous for their bi-annual machine gun shoot. Just thought I’d throw that in. Got to shoot a flame thrower there a few years back. Pretty neat. Coincidentally, their next shoot is April 3/4/5. SLICS is April 9/10/11. It’d be worth the longer trip. Wanna shoot a quad mini-gun? Their display “shed” will make you cry. Lots and lots of collector grade ammo of all calibers and the guns to go with them if you’re so inclined.

Not to mention having to sell the house, car, and kids!

I am following your advice, and I’ll check the shed.


Trust me. It’s worth the time. You’ll never forget it. Hope to make it there myself. Again. Just think Disney World X 1000 for a gun guy.