SLICS Early Reports?

For those of you lucky enough to have already arrived in St Louis, can we get any “early reports”? How is the trading going?

I depart very early in the morning, hoping to have my display set up before closing time tomorrow.


I have a bunch of photos, but naturally I forgot the cord to connect my camera to the computer. Will post on Monday after I get home Sunday.

Matt, still would like to see some pictures.


I, 2nd, Joe :-)


bump… come on, someone besides that one bocn post has to have pictures.

Here’s some from a phone, but if I can just find that Olympus USB cord…

Pepper’s display showing a Frag-12, and some penetration tests done with the Nammo HP-7 (M/39B). Confusingly, the “HP” does not mean hollow point, it is Nammo’s designation for this penetrator ammo, and means “High Performance”:

My table display on pistol-caliber solid copper hollow points:

Jerrill Janik takes around 100 photos with his camera, but I only ever end up seeing a few of them in the journal that follow SLICS, usually of awards being given. I don’t know if he is on the forum, but his would be the best. He gets the show, the banquet, the auction, and the seminars.

Matt, how about taking the memory card out of your cam and putting it into a card reader?

The camera is old, and had no memory card in it, just internal memory. Of course Olympus has to have a non-standard USB connector as well… I’m sure it is here, I just need to clean. Jerry Janik’s photos would cover everything. I will email him.

Wow, your cam seems to be a collector’s item then too :)

Thanks so much for posting those pics of the show. Your display looked amazing. Matt!