SLICS & Friends 2009

Very friendly bunch of guys, I wish I could stay longer. Thanks to everyone for ammo for my son, he is going through the pile at the hotel room right now. If you PM me your name and photo number, I’ll edit your name into the picture.

Gyrojet and SLICS Rick

Good Job!
Bet your son had a blast on this trip!

I GOTTA go next year!

Sure wish I could have attended. I would have to sell a kidney or something to afford all the stuff I want to buy…

I see a lot of grey hair in those pictures… Where are all the young, new collectors?

I’m getting my 17 year old nephew started collecting WWII German 7,9 Mauser cartridges thanks to several generous gentlemen here… He already has some nicer specimens than I ever did when I collected this caliber!!!


Nice to see old friends in the pics, I have three friends right now there, and I

great pics keep em coming wish I was there maybe one day

This has been my first show and I’m having a great time. I’ve met quite a few folks and I’ve picked up a ton of new (old) cartridges. I’ve also talked to several people that watch this forum but don’t post. I’m really surprised at how friendly and nice everyone is. New or old, you can find anything in the world here. I can’t believe that I’ve waited so long to come here. For those that I haven’t yet met, I’m the guy in the black Dickies shirt searching for 7.62x54Rs. See you tomorrow!

Did I mention that I’m really tired?

AWESOME! AWSOME! AWESOME PICS! Thanks so much! Post GOBS more! :-)

PS: This means a lot to us that can’t go! I think next year it should be in Miami, Florida! Haha! I’ll bring some “Wildcats”!

What a somber looking bunch - its all that wheeling and dealing, I guess.

There was an AARP convention going on at the same time. I think Vlad was in the wrong room. ;) ;)


Perhaps you and I should make more of an effort to attend next year for the purpose of injecting a little youthful enthusiasm and excitement into the gathering.

I think I’ve figured out the secret to successful buying at the show.


The enthusiasm and excitement part I think we could pull off. Youthful is doubtful.


I really like Mike B’s “Rocket Display”, from Mid America Ordnance Museum! That guy can restore anything back to cherry condition.