SLICS - hello- anyone there?

Nary a word or photo or video from this rumored gathering of the best and brightest amongst us.

Maybe they are just having so much fun that no one has time to share any of the festivities.

At least a weather report- number of tornadoes, and food reviews…;-)

I’m with ya on that, John! Dying for some updates and photos!


I also check in everyday to see if there are any words or pictures of what’s going on in St. Louis. Isn’t it covered live on cable somewhere with updates, new collections, interviews and commentaries? I sure hope that I get to finally go next year. Surely there will be pictures posted soon…

I was there yesterday morning. The place was packed. Thinned out for lunch. Lots and lots of bullets. Sadly, mostly the little, uninteresting kind. Thankfully, a few REAL bullet collectors had some fine examples for sale and trade. Spent all my money. Sorry, no pics.

I’ll have some photos posted once I return home next week. Several Europeans and others are sure to post some next week as well. Great show as usual!

Just back from the dinner and auction! I got a nice .280 proof…yay!
Some regulars are sadly not here, but lots of new faces. Lots of cameras have been seen, so pics should get posted soon.
All over tomorrow AM. :(

I was there, and really enjoyed myself again. My personal thanks to the officers and Board of the IAA, and to Vic and his outstanding crew for another great effort.

Maybe a reflection on my own life–I’m now over 60 and pretty much retired from my “day jobs” but I have to say that the annual SLICS is about the most fun I have these days. I weeded out some items, and added some great items to my limited collection!

I should caveat that–my wife does go with me, and I rarely get to drive the sports cars for that many days in a row anymore!

Sorry, but I don’t have a digital camera!