Slics - help!

On Saturday I inadvertently (and stupidly) left a number of copies of books on a chair under my table (No. 137). When I realised about 4.45pm I went down to the show area but it had all been cleared and the books were gone.

The hotel claim no knowledge of them. Did anyone see them or hopefully pick then up?

There were five copies of Ken Elks “Japanese Ammunition” and about eight copies of my .303 Identification guide, with a total value of $400 plus.

My own fault, but any help appreciated.


Call Vic Engel or Joe Sutphin. neither frequents this forum. However, I just recalled that they left about 2-ish.
Best of luck.

My take…I was the third to last to leave the room just before 3 pm (it took a while to breakdown and reload that display and the all the newly acquired show

Thanks Pepper, I will e-mail Vic.