SLICS- IAA Benefit Live Auction lots posted


Full list for the IAA Benefit Auction is now posted. Links to many pages of goodies, and many have photos are at

If you are not going to attend SLICS, you can make absentee bids using the form at the link above.

If you have never been to SLICS, you really should consider going. It is a wonderful, fun, educational and social experience. It is a first class hotel, at a really good rate, with an excellent restaurant. Restaurant is sort of pricey, but take your spouse along and treat them to a nice meal and they may forget you were shopping in the show room most of the day.

The seminars are extremely interesting, and free snacks, and they have been known to have FREE BEER! But, I am not buying or promising that it will be free this year… Better check it out for yourself.

Tuesday and Wednesday there is lots of “in room trading” which is quite an experience, with loads of goodies to be found before the show hall even opens!

People do come from all over the world to attend- Argentina, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, and Australia, to name a few. Our undocumented Journal editor usually comes across the border from Canada, along with a few other hockey fans. Stateside folks come from Maine, Kalifornia, Wisconsin and Texas to name a few places. Maybe even someone from Arkansaw.

Really, it is a GREAT event!

Full details at and you can contact Vic Engel with any questions.


Thanks John, it helps to have the list posted.


Thank you!

Will the complete auction catalog be available to purchase?


I don’t know if a printed version will be offered at SLICS or not. It has in the past.

Revised pages for lots 1 through 75 are up, including many more photos.

The next round of photos will be posted next week.



Revised pages for lots 1 through 100 posted, including many more photos and some corrections.

The rest of the lots will be posted this week.

There will be a printed version of the catalog (without photos) available at the show.


The next-to-last revisions have been posted. Some minor corrections have been made, and photos for nearly all lots are now available. BE SURE to click on the photo shown for a larger image.

If there are any issues with the pages, please email me.