SLICS invitations

I need to apply for a BATF permit for ammo to attend SLICS. I have sent an email last week to but have not had any response. Anybody know what Plan B would be, is there another email address that is active, or someone else that send me an invitation?

Will, a little late.

Sometimes they need a couple of weeks to process an application form.

I have done my application November last year.

Perhaps it helps to make a phone call.

Contact Aaron M. immediately.

You may also want to try Aaron N as well :)

It is Aaron I am trying to contact. I used the email above and the one in the journal, webmaster@something but still no reply. Does anyone have an email address for him or a whatsapp number I can use to contact him?

try this one:

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I always wondered how overseas, SLICS Members brought in inert ammo for the show. Really cool that the, IAA and, Aaron, have the ability to help make that happen formally with, ATF paperwork.

One day, I would love to attend the show, mostly to meet so many of you person that I truly think of as great friends and teachers.


we don’t bring inert ammo, we fly with live ammo which brings a lot of extra (paper)work to be done upfront.
getting export/import permits for your own country, transit papers if you do not have a direct flight into the US and then the US paperwork.
It is a lot of work for max. 5 kilo‘s of ammo you can take in your secured luggage.

but then the shows are not only about ammo, it is also the friendships that have been built over the years.

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