SLICS "is a comin"

‘It just dawned on me that I had not made my SLICS 14 hotel reservations; so I just did.

April 16-19, 2014.

For the many veteran returnees, maybe this is a reminder.

For those considering coming (first timer or occasional returnee)…it’s “THE BEST”!

(click the top right link to “IAA Home” and “more information” …under “News & Events” and the ST Louis International link is there (photos too)

Show manager, Vic Engel, has negotiated a very favorable rate of $99/night (plus tax)(reference St Louis Cartridge Show) and showroom admission is free to IAA members The “shopping” is the greatest (no; not at the local mall!) and the fellowship doesn’t get better than in the pre-show trade rooms, the showroom (Wednesday afternoon 4/16 through Saturday noon 4/19); at wonderful displays; at the bar, local restaurants, the free seminars (Thursday night…free beer & snacks) and if you chose, the Friday night banquet (moderate dinner fee) and auction. (the auction is free to attend).

A few misc. thoughts;

This is not an “IAA Show”, i.e., the IAA does not run it (Vic Engel & staff does). The IAA is as closely aligned as can be; but it is still Vic’s show
The room rate is negotiated by Vic Engel and based on guaranteeing a fixed number of “hotel nights”. You obviously have a choice of hotels; please consider the show hotel (Marriott Renaissance St Louis; 314-429-1100) as the SLICS filled “hotel nights” help Vic keep all costs down.

A tip; a tad sad, is that many show/trade tables are vacated after show hours on Friday and for those who can only attend Saturday; there is often disappointment to see many empty tables. There is no easy explanation (or solution); but take it for what it’s worth if you plan to arrive for only Saturday.

Check out the link to show from the IAA home page.

(Did I mention; it’s the BEST !)

I would caution people that if they look up the “Renaissance airport hotel St Louis” via Google or online search engine that the Hotel’s direct line and/or website link is not necessarily the first phone number to appear. You will see other generic reservation services who make reservations for various area hotels and they will more or less pretend to be the hotel in question and their links look like the real thing. They make real reservations, but the problem is that they don’t know about things like the block rate discount for show attendees. You should only call the Hotel’s direct numbers at: 1-888-340-2594 or (314) 429-1100.

I strongly recommend staying at the Renaissance as it is a very clean & nice hotel for the price. The renovated lobby is like a scene from Space Odyssey 2001.