SLICS Live auction info posted

There will be 160 lots of collector ammunition in the LIVE auction at SLICS. The complete list with color photos is now posted at

If you are one of the unfortunate people unable to attend SLICS, check the list anyway. Absentee bids are accepted. Full details at the link above.

You do NOT have to be an IAA member to bid on items in this auction.

Some nice items and well displayed.

Happy to say there is nothing there which I can’t live without.

It appears that they have adopted my " TORPEDOES ARE AMMUNITION" MOTTO - They are !

Some nice items, however as with most auctions there are always a few errors. I hope that the author will not be offended if I point out that:

Item 12-037 is a 10.75x68 not a 10.75x63

Item 12-037 is a 10.75x63 sometimes called “Le Personne” not “Le Personnet”