SLICS Live Auction Lots Wanted

The SLICS Live Auction is just around the corner! This is the premier live auction focused on cartridges and cartridge-related material. For the first time ever, we will be running a preliminary list of lots received so far in the next IAA Journal.

If you have anything you are considering putting into the auction, please contact me directly at with details. Cutoff to get it highlighted in the Journal is 31 January. I’ll take lots all the way up thru the day of the auction, but this is a great opportunity to start some buzz before the show!


If you look in the General Ammunition discussion forum we put a picture of a Defense Industries Limited .303 British Mark VII factory draw set display board. The boarrd was displayed in their factory lobby. Please take a look and tell us if you would like for us to ship it to you for the SLICS auction. Thank you Bruce

Hi Bruce –

Sorry for the delayed response, but I’m a little under the weather at the moment.

I would ABSOLUTELY love to have this for the auction! Are you here in the U.S.? If so, you can ship it to me at:

Daniel LeClair

5321 Grizzly Lane

Enid, OK 73707

Otherwise let me know and we’ll make alternative arrangements.

Regards - Dan


Sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better.

We will figure out what we are going to do with the

draw display this weekend and get back to you.

We had hoped to have it advertised but realizing its

too late we may decide to hold off until next year.

We live in upstate New York.

Thank you



We looked at the membership list of the I.A.A. and do realize that there are a number of

members who are into military. Since you were under the weather and not able to get

back to us we would not be able to have the draw set board delivered in time

to be advertised for the auction.

Our thoughts are that the only people knowing about the board is the folks at the

show. We have seen members in the past who could not attend still place bids.

Without them seeing the draw set board the number of potential bidders is reduced.

For this year we are going to pass on consigning to SLICS. If yourself or whom ever next

year lets us know in advance we will be more than happy to consign the draw set display

as long as it is advertised.

Thank you and good luck with the auction.

Bruce Hornbeck

You do realize that is one of the ways to encourage people to attend the show…right?