SLICS live auction needs -> LOTS

As you know, one of the big draws for the St. Louis International Cartridge Show is the Friday night live auction. We have, as of right now, 38 of 125 lots either on hand or promised.

We are looking for items with a minimum value of $50 or better, and especially high-dollar lots that will generate interest and attendance.
This is an absolute no-reserve auction; everything gets sold.

The seller pays a commission of 15% for anything selling under $200, and 10% for over that value. This is an important money-raiser for the IAA as well as a chance for you to get some cash for the trip home or those last-minute Saturday morning deals. It is also an extremely important event for SLICS itself. Without the auction there might not be a banquet, and without a banquet show costs go up all around.

If you are interested in putting something in the auction or have any questions, please feel free to e-mail:
Dan LeClair
At the show, get in touch at Will Adye-White or Brandon Luter

Hey, I know a guy who’s email is “wombatkiller”!

The auction still needs Lots.

What is the cutoff date for submission.

Hi Guy.
A week Thursday. It must be in our hands, at the show then. If later than that it would go into the 2020 auction.
If you have an questions p.m me.

I will try to submit a couple of items at the show thru Brandon Luter when I get there… Duane Dick