SLICS Mysteries

I ended up with 37 additions to my collection this year; not the best I’ve done, but well-worth the trip. I have 3 rounds I need some help with:

  1. .45 ACP dummy, solid turned brass, angled firing-pin hole in the base has a smaller straight hole (pilot hole?) at the bottom, hole through at mid-case. Who made it?

  2. 7.62x54R GM ball, brass case, domed copper(?) primer. The “dot” near the top looks to be intentional. It was purported to be Republican Spanish Civil War production. Is it?

  3. 7.92x57, from the 1950s CIA contract, CN bullet, chromed case and primer, has load of powder. I was told by a knowledgeable source that it is not a CIA-contracted proof as those were marked differently. What is the load, and who loaded it?


The 7.62x54R looks very Mexican.

Which could very easily explain its presence in Spain during the CW.

The Mexican-made 7.62 m/m Russian rimmed cartridges I’ve seen were made in the mid-1920s and featured the rounded head contour typical of that period. I’d guess this cartridge was made later than the known (to me, at least) period of Mexican production of this cartridge. Jack

Another .45 ACP collector told me there might be a South African connection to the solid brass dummy. Any thoughts on that?
Any info or thoughts on #3?

Hi Jon
did you weight #3 I’m guessing you have other variations of it to compare it’s weight?

Might tell something?

Otherwise new to me.

Another bump. Any further thoughts or info?