SLICS photos

Some photos from SLICS, just a few:

Mel Carpenter’s “Prowler Fowler” set up:

Some big stuff:

Pepper & Jean-Francois having a relatively serious moment:

Thank you so much for posting these great photos from the show, DK. The show looked awesome!


Thanks for the photos, and THANKS to everyone who helped put on ANOTHER great SLICS again: Vic and his staff, the IAA Officers, and also the guys who brought such great stuff both for display and for sale. Of course, I have to consider some of the sales booths displays as I certainly can’t afford everything I saw that I would have liked to buy…

Thanks everyone!

The haul from SLICS:

The Penetrator stuff in the haul:

I was pleased to find the last available copy of the next in a series of section-photo posters from Reinhold Peschke at the the show (teil 3):

The best cartridges for me were definitely these 3; A Winchester “SF Frangible” in .45 GAP, which was the only .45 GAP cartridge that had eluded me thus far, as described in my 45 GAP article in the last journal. This very rare one (a factory dummy w/ primer hole) was sitting in a bag of mixed .45 GAP in the Wed night silent auction tables. The next one is a .44 M&H multiball from Phoenix Metallic Cartridge circa late 18070’s. I had only just learned of the existence of this cartridge a couple months ago and found this mixed in with a bin of wooden sabot shot loads. It’s easy to overlook as a common shot type of load if you aren’t familiar with it and if you don’t pick it up and feel it. The last one is the Czech .224 VOB that was delivered at SLICS as part of my winnings from the from 2 years ago.

Matt, congratulations for your findings and thanks for sharing.

Are you sure that you bought a .224 Vob? The dimensions of this cartridge doesn’t look correct for this caliber. Hard to tell without knowing its measurements, but it has the appearance of the 5.6 mm Picra.

Thank you Fede, you are correct. It has been so long since the auction from 2012, I had forgotten. It is listed as the 5.6 Picra, which explains the longer O.A.L. The case is a typical S&B 7.62x25.