SLICS Question

I am planning on attending SLICS 2010, which will be here before we know it. However, due to job and family considerations, it is likely that I will only be able to attend for 2 of the 3 days.

My goals are to:

[ul]Meet and associate with fellow collectors, and especially fellow IAA members
Acquire cartridges for my collection, especially .38 and .357.
Attend an IAA specific event
Learn all I can about the hobby and cartridges
Get my photograph in the post-SLICS edition of the journal[/ul]

So, if I have to choose day 1 and 2 OR day 2 and 3, what should it be?

The best days are wednesday,thursday and friday !!!
Hope to see you !!


I was wondering this same thing last year which was my first trip to SLICS. Some people will tell you that the in-room trading that happens Monday & Tuesday and a little early Wednesday is the best thing, but I found that this mostly applies only if you know several collectors and what they will have, or what they tend to have from talking to them ahead of time. Some table holders can’t really display everything they have in their room anyway, and some just won’t, or don’t arrive until Wednesday anyway. Being that most people want to go to at least one full day of the regular show, first day being Thursday, it’s hard to allocate only 2 or 3 days and get the best of both worlds. If you arrived Tuesday morning you could stay until Thursday and get a little room trading, and some regular show stuff. I personally thought that the show floor had plenty (insane amounts) to offer, and that Thursday and Friday were the best days since Thursday was the first day with the most to offer and had the seminar that night, and on Friday was the silent auction on the edge of the show floor. There were also a few table holders that didn’t arrive until Friday. Saturday was the relatively weakest day, but this is due mostly to Easter being the following day, and just being the last day of the show. Most of the table holders did stay though, and Saturday also had more random people off the street who tend to sometimes bring in oddball cartridges.

I agree, it you have two days, make it Thursday and Friday.


I’ll play odd man out, and assume you don’t want to do “in room trading” (yet), Thursday for best choices, Saturday for best prices, with Friday being in the middle. The banquit and live auction do happen on Friday night, so if that event is high on your interest list, that may be the deciding factor.

With you focusing on the 38cal rounds (esp as your not looking for the only headstamp/loading you don’t have)), the higher level of choices on Thursday may not be much of a factor to you.

IF you could swing it, arriving Thursday afternoon, and leaving about 1pm on Saturday (that’s kinda like 2 days), you might be able to catch a couple IAA events (the Thursday night seminars are interesting, even if they are not in your speciality area)