SLICS roommate


I hope to arrive to Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel on Monday. I did not book the hotel yet. If anyone is looking for a roommate, contact me. I have minimalistic requirements, I sleep sitting in a chair to deal with my sleep apnea (works great for me) and I shall drive with a minimal amount of stuff, mostly the plastic boxes to give away. So the only thing I really need is a shower. Otherwise I intend to be out of the room most of the day, socializing, meeting old friends and hopefully making new ones.


Hi sksvlad, I’d be glad to share a room at the Renaissance for the week. I would like to do about a 50/50 mix of in room sales and out of the room shopping and socializing. We’ve met at Vic’s East Coast show. Fat guy, glasses, ponytail…you know me. contact me via E-mail at Thanks! Bill.


email sent, thanks.


Clearly not an internet dating add :)