SLICS seminar info - Me = pistol caliber AP

I just wanted to let anyone & everyone know that I will be presenting at the seminar at SLICS Thursday night doing a presentation on pistol-caliber AP ammo laws & history. There’s a good site for SLICS info, but the link for the seminar speakers has just said “To be announced” for a while now. So I just wanted to let people know, in case that it is enough to encourage them to go to the show if they aren’t already. I’m thinking officers & agent types. I have heard that another presenter will be doing depleted uranium ammo.

Sounds great.
Thanks for the DU warning…I’ll be sure to wear my lead undies!
Let me know if you need and 7.62x25 Tokarev AP/API info.

If you like, I can forward you the outline and text of my academy presentations on state, federal and practical AP definitions and regulations. It’s mostly TX-centered but could be of help.