SLICS Seminars

Do we have a list of the seminar speakers and topics?

These have been OUTSTANDING in the past, and I hope to learn a lot more this year as well.

Dave McKay or Paul Smith should know.


Dave is your man - I’ve not been involved in the Research Committee for the past year and a half.


Start time is 7:30 pm.
Please refer to handouts at the show provided by Vic Engel and his staff regarding time and location.

  1. Introduction & SLICS Time-----Award presentations, etc-----------15 minutes

  2. President’s Time—Whatever Bob has to say.

  3. Seminar: “A History of the Hughes Lockless System” by Keith Lamphear

10 Minute Break–(grab snacks and beverages)

  1. Seminar: “The Curious Case of Mr. Spencer and Mr. Ohlhoff: A Jacques Poutine Mystery” by David McKay

  2. Seminar: Tentative Title — “The Search for Chemical Munitions: New Stories” by Jeff Osborne.
    Note: This is a tentative title based on last conversation with Jeff.

Great speakers
Bob Ruebel

Just a question, are the seminars conducted with Power Point Presentations?
Is it possible to make them available on the IAA website after the show (then as a PDF)?
This may be a good advertisement for the IAA in general and also all people who can not attend the show can learn from this.

All of the seminar presentations have had Powerpoint components over the past several years, and some are very detailed. There has been talk about making the files public somehow, but it is up to the individual presenter to provide the file (if they want to), and having a mechanism on the website for download was the other issue with what are usually large file sizes. The developing member’s section with downloadable material on the website may address this soon. Although some of the presenters will have only 5 or 6 slides, and those sorts of presentations are mostly them speaking, in which case a video of the seminar is better, if it exists.

I have what I think is an excellent Power Point file of a Gyrojet presentation I did at the Seminar several years ago. I have no clue how to post it on the forum, and am not sure I would if I could. The file is 94 MB and contains 54 slides, most in color. I’ll bring a copy to SLICS on a thumb drive and give it to the webmaster. He can decide. Anyone at SLICS is welcome to copy it there, and after the show, not before, I’ll be happy to send it to anyone as an email attachment.

FWIW I agree with DK in placing material/information such as seminar presentations (if offered by the presenter) in a member’s section of the IAA website/forum.