SLICS show cartridges for sale


I have 30-06 Springfield SLICS show cartridges that Steve Fuller had made up for 2013, 2014, 2015 and this year 2016. Also future shows 2017 tru 2021. They are made by Technoframes in italy. There basic model with stenciling costs $19 plus shipping from italy. I have no idea what Steve used to ask for these, so I am selling them for just $10 apiece plus $3 shipping. These are solid metal, brass color anodized with removable threaded solid copper projectile. Each has different color tip and stenciling on side to express its representation. Example “St Louis Missouri 2017” next line “Cal. .30 Ball M1906 AP M2” with black tip colour. These are high quality replica show cartridges. This is your opportunity to own something Steve Fuller had made up as the SLICS show rounds. I had bought these off Steve about a month before he passed to help him with funds he needed for expenditures and debts. I am just trying to recoup my cost for the most part and proliferate an excellent show round he had made. I can sell a set of all nine available for a discounted rate of $85 including shipping within the US if one wishes. Shipping across the pond is also possible for a fee.


Edit: Picture added by request.


Joe… can you work me a price out for the set…thanks …paul.



Send me an email. How many do you want, maybe Jim wants some? 4 pounds weight across the pond is still about $26 shipping.