SLICS theft


I wanted to report that at least two items were stolen during SLICS from tables.

The first I heard about was a 9mm Borchart the later a sectioned 5.2 Mondragon.

Are there other cartridges that were taken from the tables or rooms?


Did this happen before, in previous years?



Unfortunately and disgracefully, yes, it has happened in previous years. In some cases with significant items. The 9 mm Borchardt, for example, is an extremely scarce round of high interest, since it is essentially the prototype 9mm Parabellum cartridge, making it very valuable. I cannot speak to the value of a section Mondragon.

It is a shame this happens anywhere in society, but especially shameful in a tight-knit “society” like cartridge collectors. The objects of the thefts usually point to someone very aware of cartridge desireability and values.

You can imagine that the thefts totally destroyed the enjoyment of the show for the vitims, and certainly tarnish the enjoyment of everyone who cares about such things, which I dare say is the major proportion of those attending and those in our hobby.

I hope that if anyone is offered a 9 mm Borchardt cartridge, he will demand some form of provenance with the round, and report any irregularity he might perceive in the sale. I would suggest in this case it should only be reported to either the Show Manager or the President of IAA, so that a decision can be made if further disclosure is merited, rather than just throwing it up on the Forum or in a bulletin only to find out later that the circumstances had nothing to do with the thefts.

John Moss


Vlad, unfortunately this happens at probably every cartridge show, not to mention shows of just about any other collectible. People have been caught in the past, and hopefully will also in the future. The best defense is to keep an eye on your more valuable items, watch your neighbors’ stuff when they’re gone, and don’t leave your new, valuable goodies lying about or even under your table when you’re out of the show room. A few years back somebody lost some good items from a briefcase under a table, or something like that.


It happens everywhere,

A few years ago, I was walking around a local show, picked up some magazine parts cheaply and put a couple of books on the sellers table in order to get my hands free to pay him.

I walked away and forgot the books. When I was a few stands further I realized my mistake and went back. To my amazement the seller had already put my forgotten books for sale on his display stand…

Needless to say he needed to make lots of apologies :D

(the best part that the magazine parts were of an ultra-rare Dutch 1st East-Indies (KNIL) contract luger).