SLICS through my camera


It may be blurry but that’s my view of the event


Who can name all the display table-holders receiving Vic’s etched wooden plaque awards? I am in the orange shirt near the left, Mel Carpenter is to the left of me with the black shirt in the photo, Gary Muckel is in the middle with the black shirt, Harrie Telekamp is next to Gary with the hat, and Melvin “Red” Hutsell is near the right with the NRA hat.


#5 is Bob Mellichamp (hope I spelled that right!), and #9 is Dale Troutman.


Looks like a Stanta Claus convention ( I would fit right in). Just as well; in the years to come there will be no ammunition collecting. Except, maybe, with big holes drilled in it and lots of licenses.


All those neat pictures and the back of my head is in one!
2nd pic, behind the 2 blurry guys on the left, my head, with the cap on against the wall. No doubt that was when Karl was educating me on the pile of papers I picked up!

Heck, I had a camera the entire 2 days I was there and took two shots! I was like a kid in a candy shop!