SLICS Writeup

I got my issue of Gunmag yesterday, and there was a full page about the St. Louis SLICS in it. Gunmag is the current incarnation of the former Gun Week. I was sorry to see it go. Gun Week was originally weekly, then three times per month, then two, and now once monthly under the new name. Unfortunately, the monthly edition is not much different in content and size from the former publication.

An ad, or a narrative about the show ? (I’d like to see it)

It is a reasonably extensive narrative story. I checked on their website ( but the story is not there. By the way, Gunmag and its predecessor, Gun Week, is the house organ of the Second Amendment Foundation.

I’ll try to take a picture of that page and post it.

Here is a picture of the page. At least it is readable.

A great submission by long-time IAA supporter Charles Murray!
Thanks for taking the initiative to do this!

Thanks for posting…and yes, Charles is a great advocate of the hobby

A nice write up indeed ! I hope it creates a lot of walk ins ! M. Rea

Too bad no show venue is given.

It gives the SLICS web address at the bottom of the article at least. Hopefully some NRA meeting types who are near the St Louis area who were going to the NRA show the following week will venture into SLICS as well.