Man, I can hardly wait for all the big kids to be gone to SLICS. We can talk about anything we want without fear of being reprimanded. I may even start a thread about Match ammunition or, gasp, WILDCATS ! Might even work in a joke or two, as long as it’s cartridge related.

Like this one:

A Politician, a Lawyer, and a 9mm Para collector jump out of an airplane with no parachutes. Which one will hit the ground first?

Matt and I both access the forum anywhere and everywhere from our smartphones! ;-)

Oh crap!

Please notice that I only said I “may” start a Match or Widcat thread and the joke was only an example of the kind I “might” tell.

Have fun. I wish it was me going.

By the way, if someone had correctly answered the question, they would have won the grand prize which was a chance to go through Pepper Burriss’ stuff and pick out 3 things to take, for free.


Cartridge collectors are too smart to jump out of an aircraft; Politicians and lawyers…

Hey, I like that answer too. But the correct answer was, “Who cares!” Or, to paraphrase HRC, “What difference does it make.”

But you didn’t hear that from me.


Actually, I have no smartphone, and I had no Facebook until 1 year ago. I resist change, but it eventually catches up with me. I bring my laptop to the hotel and pay for access on one of the days though.

Even at Detroit airport I can start a joke about FA 41 NM

Maybe I have one for sale at my table
Ray, I think you should join us


Ray, who wants to hear about goofy wildcats? After your inquiry about computer software hope you appreciated the farewell middle finger from windowbilly when the day they stopped support for XP they sent 10 patches for it :-( They added 10 to Windows 7 the same day probably the same patches.

Well, Gourd I would like to hear about goofy wildcats…

I think that Ray and me are endangered species…

The answer to the joke is the 9mm Para collector, because he would not part with his precious 9mmP cartridges. The Politician and Lawyer are usually full of Hot Air, so they will most likely float away into the sunset.


Since my job would not grant me vacation to attend, I think I will start a thread about all the old/rare/weird cartridges I am going to expend by firing this weekend.

At the request of another agency I will be running the PMC Ultramag .38 and .44 on soft armor; apparently someone back East had a stash of these and the local constabulary has diaper rash over their possible use in defeating vests. My word did not carry enough weight, so I’ll burn some up to prove the point (and the pointless of AP laws in general).

I’m also going to shoot some older flatpoint .357 Glasers, some m08E 9mmP, some Czech ‘*’ 9mmP, .357 XAL and some SuperVel 9mmP and .44M.

Y’all have fun at the convo and be safe. Send/post many pics dang you.

Ray–As Aaron said, even if he is at SLICS he still checks up on the forum. Plus, I’m not going to SLICS, so this “Forum Cop” will be on duty to discipline you left-behind unruly types.