Slightly off topic but help needed asap!

Help please gents!

this is ordinance related rather than ammo, but i need help.

my neighbour (same as from my previous post) aquired a tin from a friend of his father who served with him in the Royal Engineers during the D-Day landings etc.

In this tin, among other things was an item, which we’ve identified via a web search, as a german friction fuse (see photos).

the problem we have is that this item is clearly LIVE and apart from the issues with British law about such things, he’s very concerned about it / his safety!

the request from the folks on here, is how do we inert said item safely.

my neighbour is not keen to “pull the pin” for obvious reasons…

is there an easy way of inerting this fuse so he may display it along with his fathers wartime momentos?

Many thanks for any help given.


ps: I do understand if you moderators remove this post, however I hope you show leniency until the matter is resolved! Cheers, M.

[color=#FF0000]NOTE FROM THE ADMIN:[/color] I will leave the post up because the images from the manual are useful, but I request that ANY answers be sent to Magpie by PM or Email. Any answers posted on the Forum will be immediately (or at least as soon as I see them) removed as this clearly is into forbidden territory.

Many thanks Ron, it’s appreciated!


Bear in mind that even when disarming old surplus ordnance correctly, it can possibly go off.

May i at this point offer my thanks to the senders of the many responses I have had to my request for help.

I am confident now that we will be able to safely inert this interesting item.

My only regret is not being able to find out the history of how it had been found / liberated / come into the original owners possession…

thanks again!


oh, if you hear a bit of a bang from over in East Anglia, assume we got it wrong! (Joke!!)