Slow revision of the Arma-Dania cartridge timeline

About three months ago I took over the above mentioned editors’ job from recently deceased Torben Ohms. I have not until now had the time to begin adding an english summary to the descriptions of each cartridge, but that has started now. New pictures, especially of packaging, and alternative head stamps, as well as contract ammo which Torben with a few exceptions did not describe, are in the pipeline as well. Torbens original setup and descriptions are not touched.

If any of you sees an error or catches a grammatic/spelling/wording error in the summaries, please pm me here or send me an email, so I can get things right.

The timeline is a very informative piece of work, in particular when sorted by year (at least from my point of view, knowing nearly nothing about Danish ammunition).
Thanks a lot for continuing maintenance.


I am terribly sorry to hear of the passing of Torben Ohms. He was a great asset to this Forum, as are you. My sympathies to his friends and family.


Thanks for the kind words John.
Torbens collection was for a while not so sure to be saved as collectors permits are very rare here and nobody was willing to take it in. A few feelers were sent out in the community and, a bit surprising, AMA (Expal / Maxam, whatever) was willing to take it in and save it as a reference collection. AMA had destroyed their own collection of their products years before. They still had to get police approval…
Torben collected types, not headstamps, which makes the collection particularly interesting for the guys at AMA.
Apart from making 5.56mm ammo, AMA mostly demils artillery ammunition these days, Denmark had based some of their defensive strategy on massive use of artillery to counter a soviet invasion, so there was (is) a lot of 155 mm and 203 mm to destroy.