Sm arms cutaways

Im interested in doing some sm arms 1/2 cutaways inspired by the cutaway of the month and other great photos I have seen. But how do you get such great clean cuts on small bullets and casings? any one have any tips?

Paul is the Master of Master’s at cutaways. That 25MM is awesome for sure


Several of us here do cutaways (sectioning) but I doubt if any of us will go into any detail of how we do it. I know that I won’t unless I know you and your abilities. There are simply too many things that can go wrong and if I neglect to tell you about all of them and one of them did actually go bad I would feel responsible (I’m that kind of guy). And I’m sure IAA would not want the legal responsibility. What we know is the result of many years of experience (and maybe a few of those “things that go wrong” also.)

But, any others that want to share their methods are free to do so to the extent that our moderators will let them.



Thanks Ray
I work as a unexploded ordnance tech and inert items all the time, thats really not the problem. I just cant get a nice cut on my small arms projectiles such as multi rds. I understand its an art

I always liked your inert ord web site :-)


Thanks Jason its good to hear if people like it or if they would like to see something else at inertord

I’ve been visiting your site for years! My fav is always the APFSDS stuff :-)

Can you please tell me were I can find that website!!!

Hi Gyro!
His web site is at INERTORDNANCE.COM


It’s been on my “Favorites” list for a while. Great stuff.


Me too Rick! Some very nice reference photos of a wide assortment of ammunition. Nice having you in the forum Joel!


ive been trying to buy but right now my web site is

Woops! Sorry, Joel. Happy you caught that.